Introducing Ayurveda to Santosha

Ayurveda means, “The science of life.” It is a union of the mind, body, senses and soul. The two goals of this practice is to keep the body in a state of health, free from disease and to show us how to use health as a basis of, or as a part of, a path to enlightenment. This form of medicine teaches us how to live in harmony with the basic laws of nature. The 5 elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether are the building blocks of all existence including ourselves. Each element has specific qualities. Each individual has their own unique combination of these elements with in. Dis-ease in the body happens when these elements and hence their qualities, become out of balance through what we draw in through our 5 senses.

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Consultation Packages

Consultations with Nikki Estes
Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner (CAP)

Holiday Classes


December 24 | 8-9:15 am
Christmas Eve Calm with Cathy
December 25 | Closed
Happy Holidays
December 31 | 9-10:15 am
Intention Practice with Nikki
January 1 | 9-10:15 am
New Year Flow with Scott


Sacred Women’s Circle

Friday, December 9th | 7 pm
Instructor: Julie Szyba

Gathering in circle with intention is powerful. We come together to honor, listen and share our hearts fully with one another without judgement. Meditate. Share. Listen. Grow.

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Yoga for Healing: Awakening the Senses Series

Sacred Heart of
Feeling and Touching

Friday, December 16th | 6:30 pm
Instructor: Mary Jo Esser

This monthly series offers healing yoga that works with the 5 senses using essential oils, breath work, gentle yoga and meditation. Free class. (Donations accepted for the Gentle Waves Foundation.)

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New Year Yoga Challenge


30 classes in 10 weeks

Start the new year with our first yoga challenge for 2017. We will be offering prizes as incentives to encourage you along the way.