SANTOSHA. A concept loosely translated from Sanskrit meaning “contentment in the present moment.”

Santosha is just one of the ideals, or niyamas, we strive toward in order to embody inner peace. We believe that through yoga and other types of fitness one becomes freer, not only by strengthening the body, but connecting to the breath, releasing distraction and seeing the self as part of the whole.

At Santosha Fitness, Inc. we guide students to reach their fullest potential, safely and in a nurturing, non-competitive environment. “Yoga is mind/body therapy to create inner and outer strength, peace and to connect us to our authentic self, the person we are meant to be.”

Challenging, engaging classes allow for all levels of experience to expand their reach. We know the joy of yoga. We want to pass it on.



Meet Our Instructors

JillSmallIt’s clear that the instructors at Santosha are passionate about yoga.  With years of experience and education, they are ready to lovingly assist you on your yoga journey.

Meet our Instructors

77 Benefits of Yoga

77BenefitsDid you know that practicing yoga has frequently been correlated with a stronger immune system? Or that yoga can also help with depression and circulation? There are so many surprising health benefits to practicing yoga. 77 of them, to be exact!

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